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The Positives Effects of Pet Therapy

As a nation of animal lovers it doesn’t surprise us to learn that UK based Charity ‘Pets As Therapy’ are getting great results providing therapeutic animal visits to care homes, hospitals and hospices.

Research shows that Pets As Therapy (PAT) animals can have a positive effect on the mood of elderly residents in care homes and day centres. Charity volunteers bring in their friendly cats and dogs to over 6 million beds a year. The temperament tested animals bring great joy and benefits to the residents in a care home environment.

And it’s not only traditional pets that have a positive effect on care home residents, any kind of animal interaction can help enhance the lives of the residents. One UK trust bring donkeys into their care homes. The donkeys are warmly greeted by residents, who love seeing these beautiful creatures trot into communal lounges. For those less mobile residents, the donkeys are happy to visit them in their rooms, and have even been trained to travel in lifts.

Playing, feeding and stroking the animals, is not only hugely enjoyable, but research shows it is good for the health and reduces stress and blood pressure levels.

To request a furry visit for your residents, contact Pets As Therapy today.

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