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4 out of 10 care homes are failing inspections

Earlier this month Theresa May declared that it is unacceptable and worrying that four in ten care homes are failing inspections, and have vowed to grow and shake up the broken system.

It was no surprise when The Daily Mail recently reported that out of 5,300 care homes, 2000 of them are said to be inadequate or in need of improvement. Meaning potentially, 70,000 residents are at risk.

In July the Care Quality Commission published figures which revealed out of 14,900 care homes, 22.5 per cent were failing. The Daily Mail carried out their own separate audit focusing on the inspection report, they discovered that 38 per cent of more than 5,000 homes reported on this year have been declared inadequate or in need of improvement.

The CQC can give homes one of four ratings - outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate. The report published this year has exposed that more than 2,000 care homes have received ‘requires improvement’ or ‘inadequate’ and only 86 homes received outstanding.

TDM believe these awful statistics could be avoided if the right measures and systems are put in place. Every care home should have the access to professionals with experience and expertise in helping them face and overcome challenges.

We specialise in supporting ‘failing’ and ‘underperforming homes’ helping care homes improve and aim for outstanding and good inspections.

If you are concerned that your care home is underperforming and would like information on how to improve, or to put measures in place to avoid poor inspection results, contact us today at call on 07802 458 601 or visit our website

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